About Us

Who is involved in Commonexam.com ?

Every individual who believes and have faith in common sense driven approach. The one who likes to challenge crowd based behaviour patterns on the basis of logical reasoning. The one who believes in applying knowledge rather than just mugging it up. Everyone who shares an ideology towards common sense.

( in Short जो भी अपनी अक्कल का इस्तेमाल करता है वह commonexam.com का हिस्सा है )

What is Commonexam.com ?

An initiative to focus on the golden era of Indian Education System, rooted into deep knowledge oriented approach. A shift towards intuitive learning system rather than classroom oriented book based learning. We emphasise the application and learning aspects of the acquired knowledge.

(in Short गुरुकुल व्यवस्था और कौशल्य का विकास करना )

Where is Commonexam.com ?

Commonexam.com is everywhere. We welcome you to become the part of our initiative. If you believe that our we have common mindset and we believe more in applying common sense while making decisions than we all are a part of commonexam. Commonexam briefly here means challenging the crowd oriented approach and finding a common sense driven approach.

(in Short भीड़ से हट के, भीड़ से अलग, बुद्धि और विवेक से जहा पे भी काम लिया जाता है वहां )

When was Commonexam.com formed ?

Long going mind clashes gave rise to the idea of commonexam.com. As it is said good literature is the key to developing healthy set of skills. Good discussions lead to generate powerful ideas. And ideas are worth talking about, Hence we came up with commonexam.com.

( in short जब विचारधारा बहती है, तब पूरी कायनात सवालो के जवाब देती है )

Why Commonexam.com ?

We here strive to develop a mindset moving towards common sense oriented approach rather than non sense oriented approach of following the crowd. Our main purpose is to challenge the education mafias and develop a courage among people that even home schooling can be a better alternative for developing a brilliant career.

(in Short भ्रमो को तोड़ना है, शिक्षा को जोड़ना है, हर पल कुछ सीखना है, निरंतर आगे बढ़ते रहना है )